AMANI ASP TWS 615 Review: Better sound quality will be available at a lower price

Regarding the AMANI ASP TWS 615 True Wireless Earphones, the company claims that this device gives a backup of 10 hours on a single charge. Read our review to find out if the claim is true

Mobile accessories brand AMANI launched ASP TWS 615 in the Indian market recently. Along with this, the company also claimed that these wireless earphones are capable of giving a backup of 10 hours on a single charge. Apart from this, users will also feel the great sound quality in the device. The True Wireless earbuds AMANI ASP TWS 615 is priced at only Rs 999 and at this price we reviewed it to find out how well it fits on its features and sound quality. In this review, we will tell you whether AMANI ASP TWS 615 is the best earbuds for Rs 999?

ASP TWS 615 Price and Features

To read the review of AMANI ASP TWS 615, do have a look at its features. The price of this device is Rs 999 and you can buy it from the company's official website. With this, users will also get a year warranty. It has powerful bass support. Apart from this, this device comes with an HD stereo design. The ASP TWS 615 has an inbuilt 950mAh battery while the earphones have a 65mAh inbuilt battery which according to the company's claim can play a total of 10 hours of music on a single charge. It weighs 150 grams and is just 175mm in length. It has Bluetooth 5.0 support for connectivity.

Design of ASP TWS 615

Talking about the design of ASP TWS 615, its packing can be called average. Its charging case also comes with a simple design. The earbuds have a downward charging port. There is a micro USB port in the charging case. The company logo is given on both earbuds. Which does not give it a premium look, as if only one bud had a logo, it might have looked a little better. In this, buttons have also been provided for receiving calls in both buds as well as for playing music. Users can also turn on and off the buds using these buttons.

With the help of these buttons given in ASP TWS 615, Google Assistant and Apple Siri can be activated. The weight of the device is quite light and the design is such that you can easily keep it in the pocket. If you remove the buds from one ear, the other one will stop automatically. Overall, it is an average device in terms of design.

ASP TWS 615 performance

We used this device for about 20 days. During this time it got a chance to understand its performance very closely. We enjoyed the music by putting it on to review ASP TWS 615. In this case, we can say that the sound quality is very good and you do not even need to do high volume. Also, when using these earbuds, the sound of music does not come out of the ears. The base of the device is also good. While its design disappointed us, the sound and bass quality are able to attract users.

The ASP TWS 615 fits in the ears easily, we used it on the go and during running as well. In such a situation, it was perfect in terms of fitting and there was no fear of falling from the ears. Now let's talk about its connectivity, so tell us that Bluetooth 5.0 has been given in it and Bluetooth transmission distance is 10 meters. You can easily connect it to your phone. But sometimes the connection breaks and the sound stops, although immediately the sound returns but it disturbs slightly. Now let's talk about the battery of ASP TWS 615. So let us tell you that the company claims that it is capable of running for 10 hours on a single charge. But during the review, we charged it once and we saw the result that it can be used continuously for about 5 to 6 hours.

ASP TWS 615: Conclusion

The design of the ASP TWS 615 is not good enough to attract users. But it's sound and connectivity quality is quite good. The device costs only Rs 999 and after a review we can say that if the design doesn't matter much to you then it is a good device for sound and audio quality and will not disappoint you at all during music play.

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