Instagram new data leak revealed Username, Passwords and other details of thousands of Users

Instagram has stated on this security breech that it is a case of incorrectly storing log-in credentials.

Usernames, passwords, and other information have been leaked to thousands of users of the popular photo-sharing app Instagram. Hackers of social media booting service Social Captain have targeted Instagram users to increase their followers. Hackers are using this username and password to try to increase their followers. Let me tell you that this popular photo-sharing app Instagram owned by Facebook is considered a very secure app. According to a TechCrunch report, Social Captain has unencrypted the details of Instagram users' accounts and converted them to plain text.

On this website, any social captain will be able to access the profile and login credentials of the Instagram user without logging in on the user's profile. A security researcher told TechCrunch that he has details of 10,000 scrapped user accounts in a spreadsheet. Of these, 70 accounts are paid and premium users.

Instagram has stated on this security breach that it is a case of incorrectly storing log-in credentials. We are investigating this matter and we will encourage people not to share their passwords and personal information with people you do not know.

In May last year, credentials of millions of Instagram users were leaked, including several high profile influencers. These influencers included music, food bloggers and social media influencers, etc. According to reports, records of 49 million Instagram users were leaked last year. At the same time, a bug was leaked in 2017 to account for details of 6 million Instagram influencers, including many Hollywood stars.

Currently, hackers are targeting users of social media platforms. Data from many users of Facebook and WhatsApp have been leaked last year. At the beginning of this year, Instagram users have been facing this alleged data leak.

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