Google created Mother's Day Doodle, will be able to craft cards for their mother

Google has added Mothers Day in its popular Doodle today. In this special Doodle, you can design and send a card to your mother. (Photo credit- Google)

Popular search engine Google has created a special kind of doodle on Mother's Day. Through this doodle, you will be able to craft a greeting card for your mother. By using this doodle, you will be able to craft the card according to your own. You can use many types of elements in this crafting doodle. After crafting the card, you can send that card to your mother through social media platforms and messages.

Google always makes that event memorable by creating a doodle on a special occasion. Recently, Google has launched its Doodle Popular Games series to entertain people living in homes due to Coronavirus. Every day in this series you can play the popular game of Doodle in Google Doodle. In these games, many games like cricket, music play have been launched again recently through Doodle. Most of these games were liked by people in the 90s.

How to make Mother's Day Card

  • To design a Mother's Day card through Google Doodle, you must first go to the home page of Google.
  • After this, you have to click or tap on the given doodle.
  • After clicking or tapping the doodle, a new window will open, in which you will have the option to croft the Happy Mother's Day card.
  • You will find several shapes below on the crafting page of Google Doodle. You will be able to design your card using these shapes.
  • You must click or tap on the arrow to select the shapes used in the card. Whatever shape you move the cursor on, you will be able to use it to design the card.
  • After designing the card, you click or tap on the Send option.
  • After clicking or tapping Send you will get a direct option to share the card on Facebook and Twitter. There will also be an option to email. If you want to send this card via message, you can send WhatsApp or SMS to your mother by clicking on the link.

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