These new features have been added to Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram in the past.

Apart from Facebook's main app, new features have been added to the instant messaging app Whatsapp and photo-sharing platform Instagram. (Photo credit: Google)

At present, the whole world is battling the coronavirus epidemic. Like India, there is a lockdown in many countries. In such a situation, the use of popular social media platforms Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram has increased significantly. Because at this time through these social media platforms we are able to connect with each other. Social media company Facebook has made several major changes in its three platforms during this period. Apart from Facebook's main app, new features have been added to the instant messaging app Whatsapp and photo-sharing platform Instagram. Today we are going to tell you about the new features added in these three platforms in the past.


Facebook has also added many features to its platform including its new desktop version and features like Dark Mode.

  • Messenger Rooms: Facebook has launched its own video calling feature Messenger Rooms to challenge the Zoom video calling app. Through this app, video conferences can be made with up to 50 people simultaneously. The special feature of this app is that even if you have a Facebook account or not, you will still be able to connect in the Messenger Room.
  • New Design: Facebook has rolled out a new design for its desktop web users. Users can switch to it by going to their profile settings. This new design is inspired by the mobile app.
  • Dark Mode: Facebook has also rolled out the Dark Mode feature for desktop users. However, for this, users have to switch to the new design.


Facebook has also integrated many new features in its photo-sharing app. Some of these features have been added to help small businesses.

  • Sticker: All the sticker packs available for Facebook will now be able to be used by Instagram users.
  • Delete Black Message: Through this new feature, Instagram users will now be able to delete many comments simultaneously. Especially it is beneficial for those users who have more followers. They will be able to delete many comments simultaneously.
  • Cyberbullying: Incidents like 'Bois Locker Room' have come to light in the past due to misuse of Instagram. The Community Standard has been upgraded to prevent such incidents such as cyberbullying and harassment.
  • Desktop Compatibility: Compatibility has been upgraded to use this photo-sharing app on the desktop. In this way, users will be able to use this app easily on their laptops and computers as well.


Let us first talk about the popular instant messaging app Whatsapp. Many new features have been added to this instant messaging app. The use of this app has increased by 60 percent in the last few months.

  • Video call: Whatsapp has upgraded its video calling feature. Now through this app, eight people can be connected at one time. Earlier the limit of this app was four. However, to use this feature, all participants must be updated with the latest version of the app, only then they can take advantage of it.
  • Lockdown sticker package: Whatsapp has rolled out a special lockdown sticker package to make people stay in homes in coronavirus lockdown. Through these stickers, people will be able to give each other the message of 'Stay At Home'.
  • Messenger Room for Whatsapp Web: Facebook has added a short cut button to Whatsapp Web through this feature, through which Messenger Rooms can be accessed from Whatsapp Web itself. However, this feature is currently rolled out only for beta users. Soon both these platforms will be integrated. Apart from this, many more new features can be added to Whatsapp in the coming time, including payment features like Whatsapp Pay.

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