WhatsApp's big campaign against fake news, users will be warned about message forward

WhatsApp has started a campaign to stop the spread of fake news, under this, notifications will be sent to users by forwarding messages. (Photo credit: WhatsApp)

WhatsApp is being used extensively in India to convey essential information to people during the coronavirus epidemic. WhatsApp usage has increased in India during the lockdown. During this time, a large number of people are sharing information related to Corona with WhatsApp. In such a situation, the check it before you Share it has been started by WhatsApp to stop spreading fake news related to Corona. Under this, users will be warned by sending a powerful reminder message that it is the responsibility of each user to double-check their facts before forwarding any message from WhatsApp. This will help prevent fake news from spreading.

WhatsApp is working towards providing accurate and reliable information to users during the Corona epidemic. Last month also, WhatsApp launched MyGov helpline (+919013151515) to stop fake news. This is a chatbot launched by the Modi government on WhatsApp, which answers all questions live. It is also to prevent rumors related to the coronavirus epidemic. It can be accessed by sending a text message to it.

Let us know that recently, it has been claimed by WhatsApp that up to 70 percent drop in a forward message has been recorded. The reason for this is the decision of WhatsApp, in which it was banned from sharing forward messages with more than one chat. That is, now you will be able to forward messages to only one user at a time. The company has taken this step to prevent misinformation and fake news spreading through its platform on coronavirus.

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