Want to create a place in Twitter trending list, then follow these tips

Twitter Hashtag started 13 years ago. In such a situation, today we have brought some suggestions for you, which can help you in creating the right hashtag on Twitter. (Photo credit: Twitter)

13th birthday of the Twitter hashtag: #hastags on Twitter started 13 years ago on 23 August 2007. Since then, hashtags have been used with every Twitter post. At present, every small and big event in the country and the world makes a place on Twitter. But do you know that the hashtag is a very important source to make a place in the Twitter trending list? If the hashtag of the correct word is created, then there is more scope for its inclusion in the trending list. In such a situation, we have brought some suggestions for you today, which will help you in creating the right hashtag on Twitter.

How to use a hashtag on Twitter?

  • To create any hashtag one has to use the exact keyword of the correct twitter message or # symbol with the phrase.
  • Click on the hashtag of any message, then the tweet associated with that hashtag starts appearing on your timeline. In such a situation it is necessary to create the right hashtag.
  • Space should not be used in the middle of any hashtag and it is mandatory to always give space before the hashtag. Some special characters like when creating a hashtag. ; '! Should not be used

Here's how to create a hashtag?

  • No words or numbers should be used before the hashtag symbol #. It becomes necessary to give space before the # symbol. If you create a hashtag 123#sofun or word #sofun, it will not appear in your search list. So you should always create a hashtag of #sofun.
  • If any hashtag is made entirely of numbers, then it is not correct. This should be avoided. If you use the word #123go with the number in the hashtag, then the hashtag will be considered correct.

Hashtag Fun Facts

  • If you tweet a personal tweet with the hashtag of a public account, if someone searches with the corresponding hashtag, you will also see the tweet in that search list.
  • Popular hashtags make a place in the trending topics of Twitter.
  • Hashtags are not case sensitive. But if you start with the capital letter after the hashtag, then it is easy to read.
  • Twitter is advised not to use more than two hashtags. But if you want, you can use any number of hashtags.

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